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With 10 years of experience behind us, we are able to manage and monitor your Turkish suppliers and subcontractors

About Us

SIST Endüstri is a subsidiary of a French firm specialized in the management and sales of subcontracted production of industrial products and has been founded in 2005 to develop a supplier panel for its parent company.
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SIST Endüstri provides services to

Foreign companies

Managing and monitoring Turkish suppliers

Turkish firms

Support with French or English-speaking countries

Expertise Areas

Our core business lies in the subcontracting field covering all material conversion, in which SIST Endüstri have qualified and audited suppliers available.

Thanks to its skilled supplier panel, SIS Endüstri can easily be involved in machining, screw-cutting, foundry, stamping, surface treatments, …

Working with Turkey has never been so easy

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Our team considers the objectives of our customers as their own objectives, making every effort to achieve them.

In a continuous improvement approach, and based on our expertise and experience, we monitor projects on-the-spot to ensure they are efficient and meet our customers’ needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

This short FAQ provides answers to basic questions about SIST Endüstri Hizmetleri.

If you have a question that is not answered or you don’t find answer to your enquiry when visiting our Website, feel free to ask us:

What are your main areas of expertise?
We work mainly for the automotive sector activity (80%) but also for other industrial activities such as automation, aerospace, …
What kind of process are you able to manage?
We are able to manage all kind of process related to suppliers: sourcing, pricing, tooling, quick prototyping, PPAP management, FOT trial (First of Production ), sample and serial delivery planning and follow up, non conformity management and continuous improvement activities
What is your supplier management policy?
  • We select the best structured suppliers on their sector of activity and we work with them over the long term.
  • We regularly visit our chosen suppliers and monitor with them the good adequacy with technical and quality requirements of our customers
  • As a local relay, we establish a communication link between customers and suppliers